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Service 業務内容



いうなればマス コミュニケーションではなく、触れ合う範囲のミニ コミュニケーションとしての場が、今求められてるのではないでしょうか。




Service 業務内容


  1. 建築及び設備設計監理
  2. 都市開発、地域開発の企画・調査・設計・施工監理
  3. 前記各号に付帯関連する一切の業務

Service 業務内容 Sunshine, Wind and Water ….


Nowadays, with an increasing of digitalized equipment in our daily life, our mutual communication could be made possible through manipulation of such equipment. It is, in fact, everyday life to exchange each other an information by means of internet with such as mobile phone, personal computer and so on. As a result, less dialogue and skin-ship seems to collapse the direct human relationship among ourselves. Furthermore normal environment, where we used to have enjoyed the sunbeam through trees, gentle breeze and dipping up water from small stream, is now disappearing gradually. Thus the modern society with less sense of humanity is likely to be causing various harmful effects.

In order that we remind a sense to recognize our self-existence, we will concern seriously that it is necessary to have not only a direct dialogue with other people and nature but also the space for face to face communication among ourselves. That is to say that we are required to make a space not for mass-communication but for mini-communication within the scope of the direct contact between us.

We, E&M Consulting Engineers Inc., propose to recover such skin-sense as mentioned above to our life space as a minimum living spot. We are also aiming to create an original space designed for a valuable place to exchange among individuals faced each other, appreciating natural value, the sunlight, breezing and touching the water.



Scope of work


  1. Architectural design, Building engineering and supervision
  2. Planning, investigation, design and construction supervision for city and regional development
  3. All the necessary works related to the above 1 and 2

Service 業務内容 光和風和水










Service 業務内容


  1. 建築與設備設計監理
  2. 都市開發、地域開發的企劃‧調查‧設計‧施工監理
  3. 前記各項的附帶關聯所有業務